IDLE FREE for our kids® for Fleets

Save Fuel, Protect Your Vehicle, Clear the Air | taught by Ron Zima ADpPR

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Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

Ron Zima ADpPR
Ron Zima ADpPR

About the instructor

Ron Zima is a former cross-Canada radio / TV host and creator of IDLE FREE for our kids®, a cause which began at his kids elementary school in 2006.

After realizing his own idling habit was adding tons of avoidable emissions and contributing to poor air quality, Ron accepted the challenge by educators and students to develop a grassroots movement to inspire the public to go IDLE FREE.

That effort spawned The Children's Clean Air Network (CCAN) a non-profit dedicated to public IDLE FREE campaigns. This led to the creation of Ron’s social enterprise, GoGreen Communications Inc.

Since then, Ron and his team have transformed fleets and businesses to become IDLE FREE champions, helping them reduce fuel use and emissions while improving air quality in their communities.

They’ve enlisted auto executives and corporate sponsorships while attracting media and community partnerships. They’ve won endorsements from U.S. industry, and the Olympics where their ‘IDLE FREE Bus’ transported the men's hockey teams.

In the past ten years, Ron has become recognized as an expert on behavioral change, branding and public relations in the area of 'eco-driving' for corporate fleets.

GoGreen Communications Mission is:

To inspire and transform the way we live our lives for the benefit of future generations.

To practice and promote business for 'the triple bottom line': people, planet and profit.

Other Facts About Ron Zima, IDLE FREE Guy™

  • A father of two millennial kids, Ron is originally from Edmonton, Alberta.

  • The original ‘Vee Jay’ on television in Halifax (cross-Canada career in TV and radio).

  • A successful sales and marketing career, notably in hi-tech and telecom.

  • A leader in ‘Corporate Responsibility’ (CR) and ‘cause-branding’ with The Salvation Army and the charity he founded, The Children’s Clean Air Network.

  • He holds an advanced diploma in public relations (ADpPR), Nova Scotia Community College.




Ron Zima, IDLE FREE for our kids®

The Children’s Clean Air Network


Professional or vocational drivers who take this eLearning will acquire knowledge, beliefs and habits that save fuel, while reducing carbon emissions, exhaust pollution, and service costs in both their personal vehicle(s) and work vehicle(s).

Earning an IDLE FREE for our kids® certificate will demonstrate an individual’s commitment to ‘eco-driver’ skills. These skills are valued highly by corporate fleets seeking to:

  • Reduce costs.  

  • Be seen as health and environmental leaders in business and the communities they serve.

Going IDLE FREE can act as a ‘keystone habit’ for other eco-driving beliefs and behaviors: reducing speed, harsh acceleration and braking.  

Course Contents

42 Videos
8 Quizzes
2 Multimedia
1 Text
3.0 hrs

Course Curriculum